6 Wall Colors That Promote Productivity

6 Wall Colors That Promote Productivity

Numerous books have been written about how to boost your work productivity. But all you may have ever needed is a paint brush. Color can have a dramatic affect on your productivity. It has been shown that red colors affect your body; yellow your emotions; blue your mind; and green your balance.  By combining these colors you can influence your behavior. Here is a snippet from an article from Entrepreneur.com that talks about the addition of particular colors that promote productivity and positivity.

According to a study by the University of Texas at Austin, colors can affect behaviors and emotions. Taskworld, a task and project management platform, and HOK, an architecture and interior design firm, suggest specific traits that are commonly associated with colors:

  • Pink reduces feelings of irritation, aggression and loneliness.
  • Red increases heart rate and blood flow while improving attention and energy. Red is best for those who work at night because it boosts brain wave activity.
  • Orange boosts self-esteem and enthusiasm. Best for high-energy spaces.
  • Yellow heightens productivity, creativity, alertness, and clarity. Best for fast paced places
  • Green decreases fatigue and promotes efficiency. This is for those that are constantly brainstorming genius ideas.
  • Blue enhances feelings of calmness, stability, trust, and loyalty while encouraging creativity and focus. This is a great color if your workspace is big on teamwork, it also keeps blood pressure under control.


Take advantage of the positive effects of colors in your workspace by intentionally selecting different colors to help reinforce specific feelings and behaviors. If you often feel anxious while working, leading to procrastination, paint the walls of your office a nice, calming blue with yellow or green flourishes. If you work in a cubicle or if painting is not an option, you can still utilize these principles to furnish and accessorize your area for maximum comfort and productivity.

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