3 Important Factors To Consider In Your Cubicle Layout

3 Important Factors To Consider In Your Cubicle Layout

The inventor of the cubicle we know today was Robert Propst, a designer at Herman Miller. He invented the first cubicle in 1967 it was called the Action Office II (AO2) as a solution to accommodate the changing needs of the office employee. The goal was to define an office space capable of meeting an employees changing needs while allowing them some privacy and the capability of personalizing their work area, all without taking up to much room.

All these years later companies are still utilizing this great invention. Here are a few things you should know to help you design your cubicle layout to help complement the type of atmosphere you wish to achieve.


  • 42” high panels create an environment that offers visibility, communication and collaboration.
  • 65” high panels give more privacy and offer the ability to hang binder bins t0 give the employee more storage options.
  • 53” high panel height creates a feeling of more openness while still providing the employee with some privacy and personal space.


# 2 – ROLES

Cubicle office layout can be a big undertaking for several reasons; space restrictions, accessibility, lighting, noise, providing power for the cubicles. One should consider the various roles that their employees play at the organization.

  • If you have employees that spend a great deal of time on the phone calling customers, then they should have higher panels to help buffer the noise.
  • If you have employees that work on sensitive documents or need peace and quiet, they too need higher cubicle walls.

Noise is usually the number one complaint in an office environment.

# 3 – FLOW

  • In designing your office cubicle layout you should consider flow, many like the idea of putting individual cubicles around the perimeter of the office, but do not take into account the employees in the perimeter offices who will run right into these cubicles each time they exit their office.


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